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A list of every guide book I know of that includes overnight walks. Some are out of print and only available in libraries or as second hand books.

Australian Alps Walking Track by John Chapman, Monica Chapman and John Siseman, published by John Chapman, 2009, ISBN 978 1 920995 06 5. The guide book to the Australian Alps Walking Track which runs from near Melbourne to Canberra. The described 683 km route diverges from the official route in some places to follow the best walking route across the Alps. The latest edition includes 1:50,000 colour topographic maps for the entire track. Price is A$37.50.

McMillans Track by Ben Cruachan Walking Club, John Chapman and Mionica Chapman, published by John Chapman, 2020, ISBN 978 1 920995 20 1. This is the only guide book to the 210 km long track which runs along the southern side of the Victorian Alps. Includes 1:50,000 topographic maps of the entire route. Suggested price is A$24.95

From Snow to Ash by Anthony Sharwood, published by Hachette, 2020, 304 pages,, ISBN 978 0 733645280. A personal account of his journey along the track which started in snow and ended just short of the end when he had to be evacuated due to a huge bushfire.

The Australian Alps Walking Track by Ken Cleine, published by K. Cleine, 2000, ISBN 1 74018 011 9. A 64 page booklet, describing the authors personal preparation and trip diary for his walk along the track. Interesting and useful for any walkers intending to walk a very long track yet feel they need more knowledge for preparing food, equipment etc. My major criticism is that the author was not very experienced - planning 30km plus days was poor and the text comments they were often still walking well after dark - a dangerous situation in poor weather - I suggest planning for 15 to 22km per day. Also the comment on page 42 that the author believes it is not possible to do the track in winter is incorrect - several very experienced friends have completed winter trips with success. Price is around A$20.

Australian Alps Walking Track : Walhalla to Canberra Map Guide (1st edition) published by Australian Alps National Parks, 1996. A slim text of 22 pages showing the official track location using broad scale maps. Cannot be used for navigation but handy for planning a walk on this track. The maps are freely available on the AAWT website

150 Walks In Victoria (1st edition) by Tyrone Thomas and Andrew Close published by Explore Australia Publishing, 2007, ISBN 978 1 74117 238 6. A well known book (7 earlier editons were called 100 then 120 Walks) of mainly day walks with 14 overnight bushwalks. Price is around A$35.

Extended Walks In The Victorian Alps (1st edition) by Glenn van der Knijff, published by WILD magazine, 1992. A small guide of 28 pages of brief track notes for 7 multi-day walks in Victoria's high country. Price is around A$7.50.

Classic Victorian Alpine Walks (1st edition) by John Chapman, published by WILD magazine, 1999. A small guide of 26 pages of brief track notes for 8 walks in the alpine region of Victoria. Price is around A$7.50.

Victoria's Alpine National Park (1st edition), by John Siseman, published by Macstyle Media, 1997, ISBN 1 875293 24 8. This book is the merged result of two previous books to Bogong and Wonnangatta and is well known. It describes many one day walks and also many overnight bushwalks. Out of print, price was around A$20.

70 Walks in Victoria's Bright and Falls Creek Districts (1st edition), by Tyrone Thomas, published by Hill of Content, 1996, ISBN 0 85572 271 1. Contains 12 overnight walks and while the classics are there like Mt Bogong and Mt Feathertop, some unusual places like Mt Murray are also included. Out of print, price was around A$18.

A Walk On The Wild Side - The Great South West Walk (edition not shown) published by Friends of the Great South West Walk, ISBN 0 646 36390 5. This thin 16 page booklet to the Great South West Walk contains mainly strip maps and extremely brief track notes. The maps are invaluable if walking the track and compliment the full track note description in 'Bushwalking In Australia'. Price is around A$6.

50 Walks In the Grampians (5th edition) by Tyrone Thomas, published by Hill of Content, 1995, ISBN 0 85572 259 2. Describes many short walks in the ranges in western Victoria, only 4 are overnight bushwalks. Out of print, price was around A$18.

60 Walks In Central Victoria's Gold Fields and Spa Country (2nd edition), by Tyrone Thomas, published by Hill of Content, 1998. This is the region to the west and north-west of Melbourne. Covers mainly day walks with four overnight bushwalks. Out of print, price was around A$20.

Discovering The Prom, revised by Philip Ingamells, published by Victorian National Parks Association, 1999. Describes both one day walks and overnight walks in this popular national park. Price is around A$13.

Car Touring and Bush Walking In East Gippsland (1st edition) by Grant Da Costa, published by Australian Conservation Foundation, 1988, ISBN 0 85802 081 5. Describes both one day and multi-day walks in the eastern end of Victoria which includes Croajingalong. Out of print, price was around A$20.

Walking The Wilderness Coast (3rd edition) by Peter Cook and Chris Dowd, published by Wildcoast Publications, 2004, ISBN 0 646 25395 6. This is the guide to the Croajingalong National Park in far eastern Victoria. While the book covers all sorts of activities, its main strength is the brief description of the 18 day coastal traverse from Lakes Entrance in Victoria to Eden in New South Wales. Shorter coastal trips are also possible. Price is around A$27.50

Weekend Walks Around Melbourne (1st edition) by Glenn Tempest, published by Open Spaces Publishing, 2003, ISBN 0 9587331 6 3. Describes 17 walks of 2 to 4 days ranging from Cape Otway to Wilsons Promontory. Very useful as some of the walks have never been described in books before. Price is around A$32.

Bushwalks In The Victorian Alps (1st edition) by Glenn van der Knijff, published by Open Spaces Publishing, 2004, ISBN 0 9587331 8 X. Describes 36 walks of which 19 are 2 or 3 days in length. Overnight walks areas covered are the Bogong High Plains, Howqua and the Baw Baw regions of the alps. Price is around A$33.

Take A Walk in Victoria's National Parks (1st edition), by John & Lyn Daly, published by Take A Walk Publications, 2002, ISBN 0 95779314 6. Attempts to describe all official tracks and describes them all briefly. Manly for single day walks with 11 suggestions for overnight walks. Price is around $30.

Walks, Tracks & Trails of Victoria (1st edition) by Derrick Stone, published by CSIRO Publishing, 2009 ISBN 978 0 643 09587 8. Mainly day walks but also has 23 overnight and longer walks. At first glance looks promising but the introduction says it all 'This book does not provide a step-by-step description . but instead concentrates on the reason for taking a walk'. Basically it just gives an idea of some of the possible walks - you will need information from elsewhere. Price is A$44.95.

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