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Wild pocket Guide Covers

WILD Publications Pty Ltd publish these small pocket guides as part of the magazine on an irregular basis. Each booklet has about 32 pages (28 internal plus cover) and includes brief notes for the trips described.

These are mini-pocket guides. In such a small format it is not possible to provide comprehensive description of all the walks. The notes provide just enough information to assist in trip planning and have sufficient detail so that the route can be followed with the aid of the suggested maps. Very experienced walkers will find these notes just sufficient. However, many walkers will prefer more information and the mini-guides do describe sources of guidebooks for detailed track notes where they exist for the same walks.

Most of the walks described are rated as being in the range of medium to hard on club walking standards. The guides assume that users will be experienced overnight bushwalkers. If you do not know the difference between a track and a route - or a spur or a ridge - then be aware that you might find some of these walks difficult.

For easier walks see the current series of 'Track Notes - Easier Walking' in recent and current issues of WILD.

In all, WILD magazine has so far published 14 guides in total. The eight I have prepared for the magazine are Gorge Walks (WILD 40), WILD Waterfalls (WILD 46), WILD Alternative Tasmania (WILD 52), WILD Peak Bagging (WILD 54), Classic New South Wales Walks (WILD 64), Classic Victorian Alpine Walks (WILD 73), Classic Tasmania World Heritage Walks (WILD 80) and Classic Walks on New Zealands South Island (WILD 106).

The other four walking guides (written by others) are Extended Walks In The Victorian Alps (WILD 44), Blue Mountains Canyons (WILD 50), Classic Blue Mountains Walks (WILD 60) and Classic Walks in Southern Queensland (WILD 100). There are also another four non-walking guides, Getting Started (WILD 48), Cooking for the Bush (WILD 58), White-Water Paddling in Victoria (WILD 77) and Equipment for Bushwalking (WILD 87).

The guides are included in subscription copies. They are not enclosed in magazines sold through shops and must be purchased separately (it is worth subscribing).

All the guides are available individually directly from WILD for around A$8 each. Contact -

WILD Publications
* Note that 'WILD' is a registered trademark of WILD Publications Pty Ltd

WILD is a glossy magazine that is now published bi-monthly (every 2 months). It is available by subscription or from most bushwalking shops, some bookshops and some newsagents around Australia. Price is around A$9 per issue.


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