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A list of every guide book I know of that includes overnight walks. Some are out of print and only available in libraries or as second hand books.

Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks (5th edition), by John Chapman, Monica Chapman and John Siseman, published by John Chapman, 2006, ISBN 1 920995 01 3. Describes almost every track and route in these two national parks. Contains detailed notes to the Overland Track plus all the sidetrips as well. Also describes Penguin Cradle Trail and all the major routes to the Walls of Jerusalem. Area. This is an excellent book to use on the walks but of course I am biased being one of the authors. See the separate web page for more information. Price is A$34.95.

Overland Track (2nd edition), by John Chapman and Monica Chapman, published by John Chapman, 2008, ISBN 978 1 920995 05 8. Detailed notes with colour topographic maps of the Overland Track and all major sidetracks. Price is A$17.95.

South West Tasmania (5th edition), by John Chapman, published by John Chapman, 2008, ISBN 978 1 920995 03 4. Describes all the major tracks and routes within the South West and Wild Rivers National Parks. This book is often referred to by other walkers as the 'bible', and while I am embarrassed by this title, I am pleased that it is accepted and well used. For more detail refer to the separate web page. Price is A$37.50.

South West Tasmania - A Natural History & Visitors Guide (1st edition), by Ken Collins, published by Heritage Books, 1990, ISBN 1 875111 00 X. An excellent resource book about geology, flora and fauna. Also includes extremely brief track notes with maps. The maps show some tracks and routes that either do not exist or are in the wrong location - this makes me question the authors first hand track knowledge of some places. I regard it as a companion book to my guide above. Ken's book is great for detail about natural history - for detailed track notes refer to my text. Out of print, price was around A$40.

South Coast Track (1st edition), by John Chapman and Monica Chapman, published by John Chapman, 2009, ISBN 879 1 920995 07 2. Detailed track notes for both directions and includes 1:50,00 colour topographic maps for the track. Price is A$17.95

100 Walks in Tasmania (1st edition), by Tyrone Thomas and Andrew Close, published by Explore Australia Publishing, 2008, ISBN 987 17417 258 4. Describes mainly one day walks with 12 overnight walks. Price is around A$33.

Wild Alternative Tasmania (1st edition) by John Chapman, published by WILD magazine, 1994. A small guide of 28 pages of brief track notes for 10 walks outside the World Heritage Area. Price is around A$7.50.

The Abels Volume One (1st edition), edited by Bill Wilkinson, published by Tasmanian Outdoors Collection, 1994, ISBN 0 646 21691 0. Describes all the major peaks in the central and north-east areas of Tasmania. Brief track notes are given for the easiest approach route to each peak. There is also a small companion booklet designed as a tick list. Out of print, price was around A$30. A rumour is circulating that the second volume is being worked on - whether it will ever appear will depend on both finances and politics.

Coast to Cradle (1st edition) Nic Haygarth, published by Tiger Plain Books, 1995, ISBN 0 646 21726 7. The main focus is of the history of the Penguin to Cradle Trail. Also includes track notes for most of the track. If you cant find it then an alternative is our guide Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks as it also includes a complete set of notes to the track. Out of print, price was around A$10.

Peninsula Tracks (2nd edition), Peter & Shirley Storey, published by Tasmanian Conservation Trust (2nd edition), 2000. Mainly day walks in the area near Port Arthur with one excellent overnight walk in the Cape Pillar area and a 5 to 6 day walk titled the Tasman Coastal Track which combines many of the other walks into an extended trip. Price is around A$17.

A Walker's Guide to Flinders Island and Cape Barren Island (2nd edition), by Ron Smith, published by Ron Smith, 1991. Most of this thin book is one day walks but ideas are given for multi-day walks on both islands. Price is around A$7 and generally only available on Flinders Island.

Tasmanian Trail (1st edition), published by Tasmanian Trail Association, 1997. This 477 km trail was designed primarily for horse riding and bicycle riding. It does not pass through the major wilderness areas but there are still some sections that provide pleasant multi-day walking. Probably out of print, price was around A$18.

Step into History, by David Leaman, published by Leaman Geophysics, 2001. An interesting book describing the geological history of the reserves and parks. While there are no walking notes as such it is also useful to assist in rough planning for overnight and extended walks in all areas. Price is around A$35.

Tarkine Trails, by Phill Pullinger, published by Bob Brown Foundation, 2015. At last a book with walks in the Tarkine. While mainly day walks, the guide includes 5 longer walks ranging from 3 to 7 days in length that visit th major features of the region. Price is around $40.

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