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A list of every guide book I know of that includes overnight walks. Some are out of print and only available in libraries or as second hand books.

The Travellers Guide to North Queensland (1st edition), by Paul Curtis, published by Envirobook, 1996, ISBN 0 85881 149 9. Describes walks in most of the national parks in northern Queensland. Most walks are of one day in length though there are a couple with overnight stops included. While the notes are very detailed, the book is poorly organised and it takes a lot of reading to find out the standard and how long each walk is. Out of print, price was around A$15.

50 Walks In North Queensland (1st edition) by Tyrone Thomas published by Hill of Content, 1994, ISBN 0 85572 242 8. Describes mainly one day walks in the area from Mackay to Cooktown, there are three overnight walks. Out of print, price was around A$18.

Discover Fraser Island (1st edition), by Ron van Driesum, published by Hema Maps, 2004, ISBN 1 86500 265 8. Mainly a tourist guide but has some short but useful notes to the 6 section Forest Lakes Trail. The maps also show the location of the proposed Great Walk which is an interesting development for extended walking. Price is around A$22.

Secrets of the Scenic Rim (1st edition), by Robert Rankin, published by Robert Rankin, 1992, ISBN 0 9592418 3 3. Describes many walking tracks and routes in the parks and ranges along the southern border of Queensland. It does not really recommend any specific walks and there is a considerable amount of reading to do, to piece the pieces together into a planned trip. While this makes it harder to use for a walker new to the area, it does help you to create walks which are off-tracks and more unusual. Out of print, price was around A$15.

Bushpeople's Guide to Bushwalking In Southern Queensland (2nd edition), published by Bushpeople Publications, 1991, ISBN 0 646 03753 6. Covers the same region as Secrets of the Secret Rim and most serious bushwalkers will obtain both books. Describes a huge number of tracks and routes and the inclusion of 100 recommended walks makes planning a trip much easier in this complex walking region. Out of print, price was around A$22.

50 Walks Coffs Harbour Gold Coast Hinterland (1st edition), by Tyrone Thomas, published by Hill of Content, 1993, ISBN 0 85572 226 6. Mainly one day walks with three overnight trips. Out of print, price was around A$18.

Bushwalking in the Mount Warning Region (reprinted 1st edition), by Rob Blanch and Vince Kean, published by Kingsclear Books, 1995, ISBN 0 908272 35 9. Describes one day walks in northern NSW and southern Queensland. Included on this web page as all 3 overnight bushwalks in the book are in Queensland. The text contains lots of interesting facts and history but the track notes are hidden in masses of text and hard to follow. Out of print, price was around A$13.

Exploring Queensland's Central Highlands (1st edition) by Charles Warner, published by Charles Warner, 1987, ISBN 0 9592036 1 3. This guide is significant as it is the only book that describes Carnarvan Gorge well. The book does not really contain track notes of specific routes - rather it contains a list of ideas and very brief route notes, which are suitable for experienced walkers to use. Out of print, price was around A$12.

Hiking Tropical Australia, by Lew Hinchman, published by Grass Tree Press (New York), 1999, ISBN 0 9648056 1 8. Describes the main parks in northern New South Wales and Queensland. While it concentrates on one day walks, there are some useful notes for planning overnight walks in some parks. The book is unusual, as it's written by an American for the overseas market. Out of print, price was around A$22.

Take A Walk in South-East Queensland (2nd edition) by John & Lyn Daly, published by Take A Walk Publications, 2009, ISBN 978 0 9577931 7 0. Describes mainly one day walks with only three overnight walks. Price is around A$35

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