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John and Monica Chapman are Australia's best known bushwalking/backpacking authors and they have been writing and producing walking guides for over 40 years. For some areas, their books are considered to be the bible and are essential for anyone contemplating on planning a trip to the Australian Alps Walking Track or to undertake walks in the World Heritage Area in Tasmania such as the Western Arthurs, Federation Peak, Southern Ranges and Mt Anne circuit.
Their books can be ordered direct from the Published Books page or from many bookshops, map shops and outdoor retailers in Australia.

John is well known in photography and judges International Exhibitions. He has been awarded a number of international honours including Grand Master of the Photographic Society of America, Grand Master of the Australian Photographic Society and EFIAP/p from the International Federation of Photographic Art in Europe.
A long list of publications that John has written or contributed to are shown on the Published Works page
Monica has been president of the Maroondah Bushwalking Club, president of Bushwalking Victoria (the peak body that represents clubs and individual bushwalkers in Victoria) and is currently Co-convenor of Bush Search and Rescue (she is sharing the chairpersons role). This is her second time as Convener.of Bush Search and Rescue.
John and Monica have used their photography and computer skills to create a wide range of illustrated talks for clubs and community groups.

We now have a Facebook page where we will post some of our news and adventures.

Email comments about our books from some of our customers

I have found your books very useful for the many trips to tassie over the years. Thanks for your efforts in producing high quality information.
Just a quick email from a Melbournian to say thanks for your TAS guidebooks which are invaluable. They've come in very handy. Your passion for the area is clearly evident.
Back in the mid 90’s, my brother and I used your Western Arthur track notes to have an amazing 16 days out on those ranges.
We were hooked on the place, cancelled our return tickets to our home in brisbane – also cancelled our jobs, I cancelled a climbing trip to arapilies (can you believe it!) and did all the walks in the book over the next 3 months.
I have wanted to write to you for years to thank-you for your influence way back in the mid 90’s.
Your guide was written to be inviting and leading onto an adventure …..unlike others who like to give away all the mystery and write like they are an expert and there is nothing left to find on a walk (not saying you aren’t an expert), your writing style with guides is to encourage with just enough info and leave the rest to the walker.
Much to my delight, the guidebooks you sent arrived yesterday. I must tell you that I am extremely impressed. When you said they came out well, you were not kidding. They are absolutely stunning. The photography, the maps and charts, the glossy paper, text, sidebars...all are excellent. The descriptions are comprehensive and easy to read and follow. My opinion of your previous books was very high but I believe you have now outdone yourself. I believe these books are superior to guidebooks published here in the States, and I have seen many. You are clearly at the top of your game and I congratulate both of you.
Appreciate acknowledgement and your taking time to reply.  Certainly a fine result after all your hard work.  Your guides have been a great help to bushwalkers in the last 20-30 years.
Thanks for continuing to produce great guide books and encouraging Australians and Internationals to enjoy our wonderful bush tracks, especially our tassie tracks.
I just wanted to compliment you on the excellent standard of the book.  Especially great to see some of those fine pictures in colour for the first time – the book is worth buying for the pictures alone.
Lots Wife (p167) looks even better than it did on the cover of the 1st ed 1978 ;- thank you so much for the copy of your South West Tasmania book. It really is a very impressive piece of work, full of information that I don't recall seeing previously, and beautifully produced. I think you've made very good use of the colour printing - the photos really give me a sense of how good it would be to be there, and the colour maps are so much more readable than B&W.
I recieved the copy on Monday. I've only had a browse so far but it looks great, & has already tempted me to plan the next trip. Certainly better than anything else I can find on the market by far.
I got a lot out of your book on the Larapinta trail, I walked it solo but met a fantastic group of trail buddies that I would often share camp with, we would take turns at reading out loud from your book to preview the next day's walk.
We have used your books on walks such as Great South West Walk and Larapinta. For the Larapinta we walked from Redbank Gorge to Alice and found the notes in the guide book practically showed the way. So easy to follow. We bought the Parks map set as well but it was fairly pointless as a guide walking in that direction. After we reached Ormiston we no longer referred to Parks maps and just used the guide book.
Just the other day, meant to drop you some feedback on the copy you sent out to me of Bushwalking in Australia. I only had a copy of one of the old Lonely Planet editions, and was knocked out by the *vast* improvements evidenced between the ‘self-published’ vs. the Lonely Planet version. In regards the ‘new’ formatting, layout, colours (!) etc , realise now that the format was in line with the all your new editions – but the contrast I saw at the time to the earlier L.P. edition then was just tremendous.
I would just like to say that the format and presentation is 2nd to none and without doubt THE best book on Tassie walks I have seen which is plenty. The maps are so easy to read and all the information you need is there so well done.
Thank you for the good packaging, it spent an afternoon in the rain and the book survived well. Excellent book also!
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