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A list of books and articles I have had published. I know it is not complete as there are photos used by National Parks in several states (provided for no fee), photos and articles for Action Outdoor, Australian Photography, other outdoor photographic magazines in Australia and overseas and climbing magazines in Australia and overseas such as the American Alpine Journal that I never kept copies of. There are also articles supplied for club publications but they are not publically available and are not included. I was never employed by any magazines, and was only a casual contributor.

Books as an author/publisher (26 different books, 49 editions)

1977 - South West Tasmania (booklet), self publish
1978 - South West Tasmania - 1st edition, self publish
1979 - Cradle Mountain National Park - 1st edition, Algona Guides
1980 - Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park - 1st edition, Drinkwater Publishing
1983 - South West Tasmania - 2nd edition, self publish
1984 - Cradle Mountain National Park - 1st edition reprint with updates, Algona Guides
1988 - Bushwalking In Australia - 1st edition, Lonely Planet
1990 - South West Tasmania - 3rd edition, self publish
           Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks - 2nd edition, self publish
1992 - Bushwalking In Australia - 2nd edition, Lonely Planet
           Wild Waterfalls (booklet WILD 46), WILD Publications
1993 - Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks - 3rd edition, self publish
1994 - Wild Alternative Tasmania (booklet WILD 52), WILD Publications
           Wild Peak Bagging, (booklet WILD 54), WILD Publications
1996 - Tasmania - Travel Survival Kit, - 1st edition, Lonely Planet
            Australia Travel Survival Kit (Tasmania chapter), Lonely Planet
1997 - Bushwalking In Australia - 3rd edition, Lonely Planet
           Classic New South Wales Walks (booklet WILD 64), WILD Publications
1998 - South West Tasmania - 4th edition, self publish
           Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks - 4th edition, self publish
1999 - Classic Victorian Alpine Walks (booklet WILD 73), WILD Publications
2001 - Day Walks Victoria - 1st edition, self publish
           Classic Tasmania World Heritage Walks (booklet WILD 80), WILD Publications
2003 - Bushwalking In Australia - 4th edition, self publish
            Day Walks Tasmania - 1st edition, self publish
            Classic Walks on New Zealand's South Island (booklet WILD 106), WILD Publications
2005 - Day Walks Melborune, 1st edition, self publish
2006 - Overland Track - 1st edition, self published
            Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks - 5th edition, self publish
2008 - South West Tasmania - 5th edition, self publish
            Overland Track - 2nd edition, self published
            Larapinta Trail - 1st edition, self publish
2009 - Australian Alps Walking Track - 4th edition, self publish
            South Coast Track - 1st edition, self publish
2011 - Day Walks Sydney - 1st edition, self publish
           Overland Track - 3rd edition, self published
           Day Walks Victoria - 2nd edition, self publish
2012 - Day Walks Tasmania - 2nd edition, self publish
2015 - Larapinta Trail - 2nd edition, self publish
2016   Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks - 6th edition, self publish
2017 - South West Tasmania - 6th edition, self publish
           South Coast Track - 2nd edition, self publish
           Day Walks Melbourne - 2nd edition, self publsih
2019 - Short Walks Northern Tasmania - 1st edition, self publish
           Short Walks Southern Tasmania - 1st edition, self publish
2020 - McMillans Walking Track - 1st edition, self publish
2022 - Larapinta Trail - 3rd edition, self publish
            Australian Alps Walking Track - 5th edition, self publish
2023 - Sierra Grand Traverse - 1st edition, The Mountaineers

Books as a contributor (7)

1982 - Equipment for Bushwalking and Mountaineering, Melbourne University Mountaineering Club (book), some text and photos
1986 - Bushwalking and Ski Touring Leadership, Bushwalking and Mountaineering Training Advisory Board (book), several chapters and photos
1996 - Australia, travel survival kit (book), Lonely Planet, Tasmania chapter
2005 - Running In Australia, Julia Thorne, 1st edition, (book) published, edited, drew maps plus photos
2007 - Arapiles a Million Mountains, Keith Lockwood, (book) photos
2009 - 75th Anniversary of the Photographic Society of America, (book), photo
2015 - Walking The Otways, Geelong Bushwalking Club - 4th edition (book), published, edited, drew maps plus photos

Magazine Contributions (174)

1977    Australian Photography, August, photos
            Australian Photography, September, photo
            Australian Photography, October, photos
            Australian Photography, November, photo
1978 - Image magazine, Australian Photographic Society, photos
           Reserve In Winter, Mountaineering 78, Melbourne University Mountaineering Club, article and photos
           Australian Photography, January, photo
1979   Walking Guide to Federation, Mountaineering 79, Melbourne University Mountaineering Club, article and photos
1980 - Peaks 2, Australasian Mountain magazine, photos
           Cradle Mountain Reserve, Mountaineering 80, Melbourne University Mountaineering Club, article and photos
1981   The Franklands, Mountaineering 81, Melbourne University Mountaineering Club, article and photos
            Untrodden Reserve, WILD 1, article and photos
            WILD 3, photos
1982 - Sleeping Bag Survey, WILD 4, article
            Cleaning Sleeping Bags, WILD 4, article
            WILD 5, photo
            Putting Best Foot Forward, WILD 6, article
            Western Arthurs, WILD 7, track note article and photo
1983 - Himalayan Trekking, WILD 9, article and photos
            New Maps, WILD 10, article
1984 - Lightweight Cameras, WILD 11, article
1987 - The Big Walks, WILD 25, article and photos
           Tassies Big Walks, WILD 26, article and photos
1988 - The High Points, WILD 29, article and photos
1989 - Lightweight Cameras, WILD 31, article
1990 - 25 Great Australian Bushwalks You Can Do, Outdoor magazine, article and photos
            Pack Survey, WILD 35, article
            Bryces Gorge and Mt Darling, WILD 36, track note article
1991 - Lightweight Tents, WILD 39, article
           PSA Journal September issue, Photographic Society of America, cover photo
1992-  Federation Peak, WILD 43, article plus track notes and photos
            One Person Shelters, WILD 43, article
            Wilderness Guides, WILD 43, full page letter to the editor
            Hoppet, WILD 43, article
            Katherine Gorge, WILD 45, article
1993 - Sleeping Bag Survey, WILD 47, article
            Solly River, WILD 48, cover photo
            Synthetic Sleeping Bags, WILD 48, article
            Head for the Hills review, WILD 47, article
            Boot Survey, WILD 50, article and photos
            Using Stoves with windguard, WILD 50, article
1994 - A La Sombra de Los Eucaliptos, (Altair - magazine SPAIN), article
           Cape Hauy, WILD 51, photos
           Day Pack Survey, WILD 51, article
           Federation Peak, WILD 52, photos
           Tasmanina Wilderness Review, WILD 52, article
           Green Pages, WILD 54, photo
           The Long Walks, WILD 54, article and photos
            20 Best Walks In Australia review, WILD 54, article
1995 - Great Dividing Trail, WILD 55, article
           Mt Anne, WILD 55, photos
           Tasmanias West Coast, WILD 56, photos
           Far Sight review, WILD 56, article
           Western Arthurs, WILD 56, photo
           Kosciuskos Shadow, WILD 57, article and photo
           Larapinta Trail, WILD 58, article
           Walk North West review, WILD 58, article
           On The Road to Cradle review, WILD 58, article
1996 - Great Dividing Trail, WILD 59, article
           Elusive Peaks, WILD 59, article amd photos
           Pack Survey, WILD 59, article
           Headlamp Survey, WILD 59, article
           Coast To Cradle review, WILD 59, article
           Mt Difficult and The Fortress, WILD 60, article and photos
           Waterproof Parkas, WILD 60, article
1997 - Rock 32 Spring issue, WILD Publications, photos
          Warm Top Survey, WILD 62, article
          Four Season Tents, WILD 63, article
          Bibbulmun rack, WILD 65, article
          70 Walks Bright review, WILD 65, article
          Best Bushwalks in Kosciusko National Park, WILD 65, article
          Walking The Otways review, WILD 65, article
          Visitor Guide to Tasmania review, WILD 65, article
          Mt Wellington Waterfalls, WILD 66, photo
          One and  Half Day Packs, WILD 66, article
1998 - 3 Season Tents, WILD 67, article
           Headlamp survey, WILD 69, article
           Australian Alps review, WILD 69, article
           YHA History review, WILD 69, article
           Search at Wilsons Promontory, WILD 69, article
           Quick Fixes, WILD 70, article
           Great South West Walk, WILD 70, photos
           Lightweight Stoves, WILD 70, article
           Best 100 Walks review, WILD 70, article
1999 - Bibbulmun Track Opening, WILD 71, article
            Mt Stirling, WILD 71, photo
           Wilsons Promontory, WILD 74, article
           Hattah Lakes Map review, WILD 74, article
           Moroka River, WILD 74, photo
           Boot Survey, WILD 74, article
           Australia's Best Coastal Walks, Outdoor magazine, article and photos
2000 - Helicopter rescue and Campsite, WILD 75, photos
           Stove Spanner Trix - WILD 76, article
           Frenchmans Cap, WILD 77, article
           Rail Trails of Victoria review, WILD 77, article
           Tarkine Forgotten Wilderness review, WILD 77, article
           Annapurna Sanctuary Facts, WILD 78, article
           Mt Darling, WILD 78, article and photo
           Tent Survey, WILD 78, article
           What Is A National Park, WILD 78, article
          Namadgi and Tindinbilla review, WILD 78, article
          Dont Die In The Bush review, WILD 78, article
2001 - Crinoline, WILD 79, photo
           Classic Walks review, WILD 79, article
           Gammon Range Mining, WILD 79, article
           Whales and Shipwrecks, WILD 79, article
           Boot on head, WILD 80, photo
           Trekking In Nepal review, WILD 80, article
           Overland Track Video review, WILD 80, article
           Cradle Winter, WILD 81, article and photo
           Kerries, WILD 82, photo
           Baw Baw, WILD 82, track note article
2002 - Rucksack Survey, WILD 83, article
           40 Bushlands around Melbourne review, WILD 83, article
           Feathertop Toilet, WILD 84, article
            Mt Feathertop, Frederick and William, WILD 84, photos
            Tents for Bushwalking survey, WILD 84, article
            Mt Buffalo National Park review, WILD 84, aticle
            Wilsons Promontory National Park review, WILD 84, article
            Day and a Half Packs survey, WILD 85, article
            Bushwalking Boots survey, WILD 86, article
2003 - Stoves on Aircaft, WILD 89, article
            Walls of Jerusalem, WILD 89, article and photos
            Tent survey, WILD 90, article
            Bass Strait review, WILD 90, article
2004 - Outdoor Jackets survey, WILD 91, article
            Central Andes review, WILD 91, article
            Rail Trails Tasmania review, WILD 92, article
            Stoves survey, WILD 94, article
2005 - Tent survey, WILD 96, article
            Prion Beach, WILD 97, photos
            Freycinet Flora review, WILD 98, article
            Boot survey, WILD 98, article
            Muddy walker, WILD 98, photo
2006 - Box Ironbark Forests review, WILD 99, article
            Light to Light Walk, WILD 99, photo
           Melbourne Wilderness Walks, WILD 99, photo
           Synthetic Sleeping Bags survey, WILD 102, article
2007 - AAWT update, WILD 104, article
            Sleeping Bags survey, WILD 105, article
            PLB, WILD 106, article
            River Walking, WILD 106, photos
            Outdoor Misadventures (Outdoor magazine), article
2008 - Tent poles, WILD 108, article
           Tent survey, WILD 108, article
2009 - Trekking Packs survey, WILD 113, article
            Guide Books survey, WILD 114, article
2010 - Queensland Great Walks, WILD 116, article
2011 - Profile - John Chapman, WILD 124, article
2012 - Wayfaring (90th anniversary issue of Melbourne Womens Walking Club Journal). article, on History of Bushwalking
2015 - Dragon Range, WILD 138, article and photos
2018 - Finding Track Notes (Great Walks April magazine), article
           In The Club (Great Walks August magazine), article
           Gimme Shelter (Great Walk June magazine). article
           Up For A Challenge (Great Walks June magazine), article and photos
           Rescues In Remote Places (Great Walks October magazine), article
           Get Smart (Great Walks December magazine), article
2019   Going Lightweight (Great walks February magazine), article
           Bushwalking Overseas (Great Walks February magazine), article
           Screen Saver (Great Walks April magazine), article
           Snap Happy (Great Walks June magazine), article
           APS Gallery  (Australian Photography December magazine) photos
           Keeping Dry (Great Walks August magazine), article
           Pesky Parasites (Great Walks October magazine) article
2020  - Camping with Wildlife (Great Walks Annual magazine) article
            Where There's Smoke, (Great Walks January magazine), article
2021    My Photographic Life, The Photo Traveller , PSA Photo-Travel, Fall edition
            Photo Travel Image of the Year, PSA Journal, December 2021
2022    South West Tasmania, FIAP News May 2022, 8 page article with photos
            Wild Bunch-Walks in Tasmania's Central Highlands, WILD 183, article and photos
            Gillespie and Rabbit Passes, WILD 186, track notes and photos for New Zealand
2023    Sierra Nevada, WILD 187, article and photos
            Wild Bunch: Kosciuszko Walks, WILD 189, article and photos

Newspaper Articles (154)

1989 to 1995 - Bushwalking column (fortnightly) plus several Special Features in The Age newspaper, 144 articles

2003 - Bushwalking column for The Age newspaper, 10 articles

Books and magazine articles with references to John Chapman (16)

1991 - The Scroggin Eaters - A History of Bushwalking In Victoria, Graeme Wheeler, (book) Federation of Victorian Bushwalking Clubs
2000 - Summer Migrant - The Mountain Writings of Nicolas Reeves, (book) Star Publishing, Victoria
2001 - King of the Wilderness - the life of Deny King, Christobel Mattingly, (book) The Text Publishing Company, Victoria
2004 - The Elders Speak Out, Outdoor magazine February/March, article based on interview
            Take A Hike, Vital magazine, article based on interview and photos
2007 - At Their Own Pace, Adventure Journal magazine, article based on interview
            Outdoor Misadventures, Outdoor Australia magazine, quoted in article
2012 - Old River, WILD 125, magazine, quoted in article
            South from Cradle, Helen Calvert, (book) Philippa Morten
2017 - Way Out There, JR Harris, (book) The Mountaineers, USA
2019 - Stone and Star, Helen McCrae, (book) Forty South Publishing, Tasmania
2020 - From Snow to Ash, Anthony Sharwood, (book) Hachette Australia
            Waterfalls around Melbourne (Age newspaper), quotes from interview
2021 - Luxury Lodges = Wilderness Lost, quoted several times in article, WILD 179
            Several quotes and references, WILD 180 (40th year anniversary issue)
2022 - Bloody Long Run, WILD 186, credited for supplying maps and notes for McMillans Walking Track

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