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Bushwalking is the activity of carrying a pack containing all your food and essential items while walking through the native bushlands of Australia. In other countries this is called tramping, hiking, walking, rambling or backpacking. Earlier in our history, touring was the word used to describe multi-day walks. All walks on this website are multi-day walks requiring camping out.

Australia is a large country being about the same area as the United States, Canada or China. Politically it is divided into 6 states and one territory, which is in many ways just another state. As access to each area of the country is through the capital cities, I have described each state as a geographical area for bushwalking.

While this site covers a huge number of walks, it does not describe every possible walk in every area. Just reading any clubs walking program shows that there is a wide range and vast number of walks in every state. The walks described here are either, better known walks, or ones that I feel are representative in some way of an area. Ask another walker and they might compile a different list of walks around the country but I am sure they would agree that the ones on this site are all worthwhile. Incidentally, I have personally walked on almost every walk described on this site, many of them I have visited multiple times.>

I am continually adding walks to this site every month and am working on completing descriptions of the major walks in every state. Most of the information comes from my own experience of over 1,600 days walking in Australia.

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