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<>Sydney is the oldest city in Australia and has long been the focus of walking in the state. This is because the city sits in a wide bowl which is surrounded by the Blue Mountains, an extensive chain of mountains named afetr the charactirstic blue haze that is often seen. The dominating rock in the city and surrounding ranges is sandstone which outcrops as a hrad capping above softer rocks. This has resulted in long sets of clifflines and most of the coast and higher ridges are bounded by tall sandstone cliffs. These are the dominating feature in most walking areas. There is a lot of excellent short walks around Sydney and some of these are featured in our Day Walks Sydney guide book. For longer walks around Sydney, the Great North Walk runs north from the centre of Sydney to Newcastle.
The Great Dividing Range runs along the eastern side of the state and forms the focus of interest for most walkers. The rest of the state is a mainly flat plain used for farming. The highest section of the Great Dividing Range is contained in the Koscuiszko National Park. This includes Australias highest peak, at 2200m, (7300 feet) and this is a popular destination for day walkers. The Kosciuszko National Park is very large and has many other interesting walking areas. Part of the park has been declared a wilderness area and Mt Jagungal forms the core of this region. The Great Dividng Range continues north all the way to Queensland and while much of it is used for forestry activities there are a number of significant national parks. Gibralter Range, the Warummbungles and Mt Kaputar are popular walking areas.
Some long distance trails have been marked. The Hume and Hovell Track follows an historical route followed by two explorers. It runs from the Goulburn through to the town of Albury on the Victorian border. The Tops to Myall Track was an interesting idea but without extensive support to maintain it, it has now effectively vanished.

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