Update for edition 6, 2017
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This page will be regularly updated several times each year. Most changes result from our own trips - very few bushwalkers ever write in and provide corrections. Only major corrections that effect trip planning or navigation are included here.

P 45 - fires have now been banned at all campsites in the South West including Surprise Bay and Deadmans Bay.
P 56 – 51.9 and 54.0km A bridge has been constructed across Milford Creek upstream of the lagoon. New tracks that avoid the walk along the dune base have been cut on both sides to the bridge..
P77 - 45.4km Just before exiting onto rocks, a track has been cut through the scrub that enters the beach 150m south of outlet of Murgab Creek. Removes some awkward rock hopping along the coast.
P 87 - Spring River to Farrell Point, distance is 13,3km, not 3.3km
P 87 - 44.3km - The old log bridge has broken, use the new bridge as described
P 89 Mt Rugby. The summit is a seris of large rocks with gulches in between. Most stop for the view at the start of the rocks as the actual summit is not easy to reach
P 91 - 65.0km If Melaleuca Creek is flooded, it is better to wait rather attempt a crossing
P 127 New campsite with timber platforms and toilet at South Cracroft River.
P 130 Toilet at Upper Bechervaise Plateau campsite.
P 134 Pass Creek campsite moved to 5.8km point with timber platforms and toilet.
P 207 - Lake Tahune Hut. A new 24 bunk hut has replaced the old hut. There are now also several tent platforms near the hut.
GENERAL - There has been minimal track work in the last few years so expect some tracks to be at times muddy and heavily braided.

A large fire has burnt the access to Lake Rhona as well as the area around all of the northern lakes in the Denison Range (page 195). I expect there will be no access alowed to the lake for the rest of the 2019 summer.
Also there has been a large fire near Mt Anne, damage tot eh circuit is unknown at this stage.
Huon Track, much of the centre section of the Huon Track has been burnt, I expect access tot he track to be closed for the rest of the summer.
For other areas, until the fires get put out (by rain) we will not fully know of any other damage to popular walking areaa,
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