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Those who have perused this site in the past will notice that it is steadily growing but it is at a slow steady pace. I manage to add new pages and walks most months. I do respond to requests and have added weather graphs for some areas as a response to email and some queries in the bushwalking newsgroup.

Providing a free site on the web is not my highest priority. I prefer to go away walking whenever possible and writing for the web does come second (maybe third after walking & skiing, then writing for WILD etc). I do have a master plan for this site and it will probably take several years to get this site to its intended level of detail.

First, I want the site to become a good general reference of where to go bushwalking in Australia. I am one of only a small number of walkers who have walked multiple times in every state of Australia and as a result have a good overview of the entire country. Most walkers mainly visit their own state but when I look up my walking records I see that I have spent only 1/3 of my walking in my home state, Victoria. This is probably unique as I walk just as often in some other states as I do in Victoria, hence I believe I am less biased than many others are about individual areas. About the only major region I have not yet visited is the Kimberley and I will eventually rectify that omission.

At present I am writing about each major walking track or location to every state. Basically I have been working clockwise starting from South Australia and am now working the eastern states. In response to requests, I am now completing Tasmania. I expect that’s what many expected to be completed first but I felt that information to the less known regions first would be more valuable. There are plenty of books and other on-line information to Tasmania already.

Once the overall structure of the site is completed, it will be time to create all the maps of each state plus maps for some walking areas. This will improve the visual navigation of the site and make it clear where each walking area is located.

General information like weather graphs (some have been already added in response to demand) and height variation graphs will be next.

I plan to replace the galleries.

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