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We (myself and my wife Monica) specialise in publishing bushwalking and outdoor activity books We have received a number of  proposals to publish books on other topics but we are not prepared to create books that we are not personally interested in. We create and distribute books from our home in Melbourne. So far we have published several books with John Siseman as a joint author, one written exclusively by Julia Thorn plus we helped the Geelong Bushwalking Club with the 4th edition of Walking The Otways. In 2020 we published another joint production with a walking club to McMillans Walking Track. We are interested in publishing more books written by others but only walking and related outdoor activity guides will be seriously considered. Our preference is to publish books of the following types; places that currently do not have guide books, for new information to an already well-known area or for an existing guide book that needs a new publisher. The Australian market is too small to create multiple guides to the one place, most books are only just viable with annual sales between 300 and 500 copies.

Regarding distribution - generally, we do not sell direct to shops - we use a number of distributors and have worked with most of them for many years. Some of them distribute to speciality shops such as outdoor shops, map shops and tourist information centres. We also have two distributors that sell to more general businesses such as newsagents, general book shops and the larger book chains.

Unlike some other publishers of walking guides we pay our authors on a royalty or shared income system - this is based either on a percentage of retail sale price or total income (the author chooses which). We do not pay any advances but an advantage is that authors share in any profit. Authors retain full ownership of their manuscript and are not bound to publish future editions with us - we are also authors and feel that many contracts are unfair to authors. Contracts do not have to transfer control or ownership to the publisher or in some cases demand the author must use the publisher for their next (unspecified) book - if the publisher does a good job, the author will stay with the publisher.

If you are interested in writing a guide book and having us publish it, then contact us by post or email. What we require will vary accoridng to the book. For an out-of-print guide, less is needed while for a new guide we would like to initially see a brief one page summary of the book contents plus a sample of your writing. The ideal would be a sample chapter or walk but it might also be magazine articles as thats a good place to gain some writing experience and also get used to having your writing edited which is part of any publishing process. We can create maps, graphics and images plus we may have to do some of the walks ourselves and the royalty we offer will depend on how much work we have to contribute to get your guide into print.
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