Update for edition 3, 2011
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This page will be regularly updated several times each year. Most changes result from our own trips - very few bushwalkers ever write in and provide corrections. Only major changes that effect trip planning or navigation are shown here. Updates to the first two editions have now been deleted as the third edition is now available. In reality any of the earlier editions are still fine to use as the changes have only been very minor (biggest one are larger new huts at Waterfall Valley, Kia Ora and Windy Ridge) and most would not even notice them.

p 60 Transport - charters. McDermotts, www.mcdermotts.com.au own both Maxwells and Tiger Wilderness Tours. Tasmanian Tour Company no longer operating.
P 60 Guided Tours - new operators, Adventure Seekers, tel 0400 882 742, www.adventureseekers.com.au; Overland Track Photo Tours, tel 0413 487 644, www.overlandphototours.com.au; Wildernes Expeditions, tel (03) 6423 6680, www.wildernessexpeditions.com.au
P 60 no longer operating - Craclair Tours, Tiger Trails (operating but no scheduled trips within guide book), Tasman Bush Tours
p 60 - Charter Transport, new operators. Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences (see Guided Tour Operators - new website www.twe.travel) now offer bus charters. Outdoor Recreation Transport, tel (03) 6391 8249, www.outdoortasmania.com.au both offer charters to both ends of the track.

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