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Typographic errors

Page 33, caption should be 'Govetts Creek near Junction Rock' (its the correct location and the same creek but it has changed name in this section)

Page 35, The Dunphy's, first paragraph, 'Sydney Bushwalkers' should be 'Sydney Bush Walkers', apologies to the club.

Page 100, second last paragraph, 'My Barney' should read as 'Mt Barney'.

Page 119, header, 'Queensland' mis-spelt

Changes since the walks were field checked for this edition

P 4. The publisher address has changed to PO Box 5042, Laburnum, Victoria 3130.

Thanks to Christopher Woods for the next three corrections for the Grose Valley walk

Page 26, fuel stoves now required as all camping fires are banned as from late 2002

Page 29, 11.0km Hat Hill Creek - dont drink the water as the Blackheath Sewerage Treatment Plant is in its catchment

Page 35, 28.0km A bus runs from the visitor centre to Blackheath several times each day and is another transport alternative back into town. Also, while we dont suggest you use it on the Grose Valley walk, the direct track from Junction Rock to Govetts Leap was closed for several years due to landslides - it reopened in 2005 - we did not describe that track as it has been closed multiple times over the last 20 years and cannot be relied on to be always passable.

Page 70, Geehi to Mt Townsend, the western and northern slopes of the Main Range were extensively burnt in the 2003 fires and thick regrowth is now a problem. Specifically, page 76, the light forest past Upper Canyon Falls is dense regrowth and the steep climb to Olsens Lookout on page 79 is difficult with many fallen trees and dense regrowth. The Opera House Hut was burnt and one party could not find water in the concrete box - you can always find water nearby at the the diversion weir or from the tunnel portal.

Page 91 and 92, 14.0km An open shelter (sleeps 10) with a gas cooker, water tank and toilet has been constructed at Simpsons Gap and Jay Creek campsites.

Page 97, 10.3km There is no longer a gas BBQ at the Wallaby Gap campsite.

Page 111, under Access, Lucinda now has overnight accommodation. Also Absolute North Charters www.absolutenorthcharters.com.au provide a boat service from Lucinda to both ends of the track thus avoiding the need for a car or bus shuttle.

Page 148, Access to Overland Track. Over summer shuttle buses run from the campground and visitor centre to Ronny Creek and Dove Lake. The buses run at regular intervals and are extremely handy for getting from the accommodation places just outside the park to the start of the Overland Track. Also, a new walking track runs from the visitor centre south for 5km to the Ronny Creek Car Park. A permit and booking system now applies during summer for the Overland Track - the fee is $200 per person. More details are available from national parks website - refer to my External Links page.

Page 154, 155. The sidetrack to Forth River Lookout is at the 21.4km point, not 19.7km as indicated on the map on page 154 and in the notes on page 155

Page 160, Sidetrip: D'Alton and Fergusson Falls. The sidetrack to these two falls is no longer steep as a new zig-zag track has been constructed down the hillside and the junction at the base of the hill is clearly signposted.. You still need to be careful on steep slopes near the waterfalls

Page 162, 44.6km, Windy Ridge Hut has been replaced with a new hut that sleeps 32 people

Page 163, Alternative Finish via Lake St Clair. Currently during summer the boat leaves Narcissus Hut at 9.30am, 1.30 and 3.30pm daily during the summer months. The boat only runs when there are passengers so it is essential to use the radio in Narcissus Hut to contact the boat operator to both confirm its running and to reserve a seat.

Page 179 and 181, regarding water - we should have emphasised more that after dry spells all the creeks can dry up (we did say it is sometimes scarce under when to walk) and this can happen in any season. If Ortewenah Creek is dry then the only water will be from the tanks at Cooks Hut.

Page 183, Sidetrip to Mt Freycinet, the pad has now been marked - reduce erosion by following the markers to the summit.

Page 184, The Cape Pillar Track has been developed into a hut-based walk and is part of the rather expensive hut based Three Capes Track. The walk as described in the guide can still be done with only a backpackers pass using a tent except that it must be walked in reverse. A new campsite with tent platforms has been built at Bare Knoll and this is suggested as the camp for 2 nights instead of Lunchtime Creek. As the tracks have been upgraded, the return day walk from the campsite to Cape Pillar takes about 5 hours. Some of the tracks have been moved to new alignments.

Page 214, Viking Circuit, last paragraph, the fixed rope through the hole in the rocks on the climb to The Viking is no longer there. The entire area was burnt in 2006 and thick regrowth is covering the route from Catherine Saddle to the Wonnongatta River. The section from Catherine Saddle to The viking has been recently remarked and partially cleared but expect the rest from The Viking to the river to be difficult to follow and extremely scrubby so expect to take much longer and its currently tough walking.

Page 215, the Zeka Track is a heavily used vehicle road and is not an ideal finish. A more wilderness alternative is - from the 25.7km point, follow the river upstream 2.5km to another campsite at GR 746874 (some scrub and blackberries), then leave the river and follow the spur south-west then west on the northern side of the creek onto the devils Staircase then onto the tops near the Valejo Gantner Hut.

Page 248. Maps Replace ALL the maps with the new topographic 1:50,000 double sided map by 'Meridian/Carto Graphics' to 'Lower Glenelg & Discovery Bay'.

Page 273, 205.9km, At Cape Nelson, a new track for walkers has been cut through the Heritage classified Lighthouse Reserve - follow signs for the Great South West Walk. Also Mallee Camp has been moved 1.5km south to be away from the Wind Turbines.

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